About me

Welcome to my blog. I am very happy that you have decided to stop by in the midst of your busy schedule.  A little bit about me, I grew up in Lexington KY and became a Christian at age 14. Since then I have been studying the Bible and praying to God to learn more about him. I studied apologetics so that I could be equipped to answer objections to the Christian faith. When I was 16, God led me to preach my first sermon in church, and since then I have felt that God has called me to some form of ministry to serve him.  As I got to College age I grew  more interested in the Bible and how Christianity compared to other religions. As a result, I went to College and majored in Religion with a focus on World Religions. I also was a communication major.  During the 4 years in College (Berea College) I had a lot of ministry opportunities and met and befriended many people. But I also had a lot of trial and hardship.  However, both have made me stronger in the Lord. I enrolled at Mutlnomah Biblical Seminary in the Fall of 2010. While I was in seminary I not only learned more about the Bible, I also met my future wife Rebekah and we got married on December 15, 2012. Today I am about to graduate from Multnomah with my M Div in Theological studies.   I can’t wait to see how God  will use me and those around me as I leave seminary and pursue vocational ministry or a secular job.

This blog will be my reflections on Biblical, theological, political, and apologetic issues.  Some will be academic, some will be more personal, and some will be articles from others that I find intriguing. Regardless, all of my posts are designed to start conversations and open minds and hearts. Feel free not only to read my posts but also comment. I only ask that you keep your comments civil and respectful. You do not have to agree with each other you don’t even have to agree with me, but please show respect to your brothers and sisters as fellow image bearers (Genesis 1:27).

Finally I would encourage you to look into the life of Jesus if you have not already. He was not only the most compassionate person who ever lived, he died for all of us so that we could have the opportunity to know God personally (John 3:16).  Since I gave my life to Christ, God has guided and transformed me to be more like Christ even in changing the way of my thinking (Romans 12:2). I still have a long way to go, that is why I do want your impute on any of my posts.

Enjoy the blog and if there is a topic or an issue that I have not addressed that you will like to be posted, please let me know.


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